Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beginning

Ok, I suppose it's not actually the beginning of the entire process, but it is the beginning of the blog, so we're going with this post's title.

Over the past year, we've been researching the heck out of how two young gay guys can have a baby. Do we adopt? Can we afford surrogacy in the U.S.? How do we find an egg donor? How do we find a surrogate? Do we want a baby that is of our genes or does it matter? Are we ready to give up our full-night's sleep?

All questions that we set out to answer. And along the way, we discovered a totally unknown (to us) and interesting possibility -- Indian surrogacy. Yes, it's been on Oprah. Sure, The Today Show and BBC have had segments on this new way of being. But what was the reality and what are the details about this very ummm... different... path to a family?

We're going to share our experiences to all of this -- the initial research, the back and forth about adoption or surrogacy, finding an egg donor, and of course our upcoming voyage around the world to attempt to create our Taj Ma Baby.