Saturday, August 18, 2012

Looking Good!

Right on schedule, we received our latest ultrasound results yesterday. Everything appears to be on track. One of the twins is measuring about six days behind the other one, but guess a few days is nothing to worry about. There is plenty of time to catch up! That pesky small echogenic intracardiac focus is still seen :-/ I wish it would go away...

The pics that we got this time around weren't that great so you won't see much, but here are the details and pics:

Normal active and passive movements are seen.
The liquor is adequate .
Placenta seen along anterior and posterior wall , low lying, not previa, grade 0

Variable presentation
The approx. gestational age is 22 weeks, 6 days
BPD 56 mm, HC - 204mm, AC - 18lmm, FL - 39mm, EFW : 540gms
Nasal bone is seen. The fetal head shows normal ventricular system. The fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, KUB, four chamber view, stomach bubble show no obvious abnormality. Small echogenic intracardiac focus seen.

Variable presentation
The approx. gestational age is 23 weeks, 5 days
BPD - 59mm, HC - 220mm, AC -190mm, FL - 39mm, EFW : 594gram
Nasal bone is seen. The fetal head shows normal ventricular system. The fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, KUB, four chamber view of heart, stomach bubble show no obvious abnormality.

We went to the beach today since the weather was awesome and ended up popping into a store after lunch and walking out with a few more baby items.  We couldn't resist. Check out some of the super cute stuff they have in their new Baby Elephant Collection.

OH! And we ended up ordering our cribs last weekend! They are scheduled to arrive around September 20. That was pretty exciting as well. Here's what we ended up picking out:
OK. No more shopping for us. We now need to put all that shopping time into reading baby books so that we know what to do once these two new additions arrive. Seriously, if you handed me a baby right now, I'd have no clue how to even hold it. I guess that's easy to learn, right?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

That was easy...

We're finally back from a few weeks of travel and I'm really excited to say that telling work was a piece of cake. I wasn't too stressed out about it but was definitely anxious to tell everyone and make it all official. My boss was amazing. My team was equally amazing. And colleagues that found out were super excited. I have to say, the fact that I work for one of the world's coolest company's makes this all so much easier. I'm going to take four months off -- the best benefit that we probably have as a company.

Last week I was in the US again for work and spent the weekend with my mom. We went shopping and bought a few things. She got the twins the cutest bedding ever. Check it out on Pottery Barn Kids. We got some more clothes, a few other small things, and I found the stroller that we want at Buy Buy Baby (LOVE this store) for about $300 less than it would have cost us to buy it here in London. So I bought it (Baby Jogger City Select). I should have taken a picture of me lugging a massive duffel bag and three large boxes back to London by myself. Thank god for car services.

Today, we're going to check out a few cribs and then try to get our list of stuff we need together as my step mom (P) and dad (ok, mostly P) is putting together a virtual shower type thing for us since we are all alone in London with the family being back in the U.S. and in Mexico. They are coming to visit in two weeks so can't wait for that!

One question, will just bringing two Phil & Teds Cocoons to Delhi be enough to get the twins around in and let them nap and stuff or do we need to bring something else like a stroller, pack and play, etc.???

This weekend all of our friends are hanging out in Chicago and we're kinda wishing we could be back there with all of them. Such a fun weekend in summer. Carlos and I were just talking about how nice it would be to be out on a boat with friends again. I think it's because we have this pic in the house from one of our last boat trips in Chicago before we left and it made us just a little homesick this morning. But alas, we have the Olympics. We saw the 3m men's diving finals on Tuesday and I saw the women's beach volleyball finals on Wednesday, where the U.S. brought home the gold. Guess I can't really complain.