Saturday, August 18, 2012

Looking Good!

Right on schedule, we received our latest ultrasound results yesterday. Everything appears to be on track. One of the twins is measuring about six days behind the other one, but guess a few days is nothing to worry about. There is plenty of time to catch up! That pesky small echogenic intracardiac focus is still seen :-/ I wish it would go away...

The pics that we got this time around weren't that great so you won't see much, but here are the details and pics:

Normal active and passive movements are seen.
The liquor is adequate .
Placenta seen along anterior and posterior wall , low lying, not previa, grade 0

Variable presentation
The approx. gestational age is 22 weeks, 6 days
BPD 56 mm, HC - 204mm, AC - 18lmm, FL - 39mm, EFW : 540gms
Nasal bone is seen. The fetal head shows normal ventricular system. The fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, KUB, four chamber view, stomach bubble show no obvious abnormality. Small echogenic intracardiac focus seen.

Variable presentation
The approx. gestational age is 23 weeks, 5 days
BPD - 59mm, HC - 220mm, AC -190mm, FL - 39mm, EFW : 594gram
Nasal bone is seen. The fetal head shows normal ventricular system. The fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord, KUB, four chamber view of heart, stomach bubble show no obvious abnormality.

We went to the beach today since the weather was awesome and ended up popping into a store after lunch and walking out with a few more baby items.  We couldn't resist. Check out some of the super cute stuff they have in their new Baby Elephant Collection.

OH! And we ended up ordering our cribs last weekend! They are scheduled to arrive around September 20. That was pretty exciting as well. Here's what we ended up picking out:
OK. No more shopping for us. We now need to put all that shopping time into reading baby books so that we know what to do once these two new additions arrive. Seriously, if you handed me a baby right now, I'd have no clue how to even hold it. I guess that's easy to learn, right?


  1. OMG, I am in total and complete LOVE with the stuff at The White Store!!! Now, I just have to find a way to buy 2 of everything on the page and have it sent to me without going broke from the shipping fees! Wow, it's just perfect for this situation because we don't know what the baby will be! I have looked all over the internet for cute neutral baby clothes, but have not seen any until you posted this link! THANKS BUNCHES!!! I'm hoping we can meet up when we are both in Delhi for baby pick-up next year. The scans look great - love that you can see the spine forming! Best wishes!!!

  2. Scratch that "meet up" since you're way ahead of me, I think. We're not due until March. Hopefully, by the time we get there, you guys will be back at home safe and sound with the babies! Ooops! I think I got "shopper brain" for a few minutes there!

  3. Congratulations guys and hope that the echogenic intracardiac has cleared by your next scan...

    Awesome cot btw!


  4. I have no doubt that the feeling of not knowing what to do with baby will melt away in a nanosecond once they are in your arms and the primal maternal instincts will guide your every coo ! Yay for 23wks : )

  5. Congrats for 23wks:-) hope the echogenic intracardiac clears up asap. Love your cots :)
    Enjoy the moment x

  6. Best wishes and fingers crossed for the echogenic intracardiac focus to disappear!! Take care and keep the updates coming!

  7. I wouldn't worry too much about the echogenic intracardiac focus (well, I would but that's because I worry about everything for no good reason). It sounds fairly common and harmless.

    Very cute stuff!

  8. Hey.
    I've just received an email about my twin with small echo cardi......

    I've been consulting with dr google to.

    Have you guys had any more news?


    1. Hey Adrian- We haven't heard anything new on that front. They still see it in the scan but nothing else has come of it. I'm crossing my fingers that it will disappear with the next scan! They say there is nothing to worry about. But that's easier said than done.