Friday, April 20, 2012

6 Week Scan

It's funny how quickly a week passes by, while at the same time feeling like it has taken forever. It's been nearly two years since we've gotten this far along in the process and we nearly forgot how annoying the waiting process is! Patience is the name of the game though (I suppose).

So I woke up on Thursday morning, the day that this week's scan was suppose to take place. I hadn't heard from the doc so I waiting a few hours. Ok, I waited one hour. And then sent a short note "just checking in." They quickly responded -- side note: Dr. Shivani and her team have been AWESOME at responding quickly to any of our emails or calls -- and said that the scan has been scheduled for Friday. Ughhh. Another 24 hours of waiting.

It was worth it.

The email came in this morning and much to our surprise showed that there were not three, but FOUR "well defined gestational sacs with live embryos." Heartbeats were detected in all four (110, 118, 124, 126 bpm). Ummm. Great news right?

We're keeping our fingers crossed still and we'll see in two more weeks how everything progresses. It's super exciting but still super early. Based on the CRL measurements, we are at 6 weeks, 1 day. So much can happen over the next 6 weeks, which will be the end of the first trimester. Twins are the max that surrogates are allowed to carry, for both their health and the health of the babies. So we'll have to see what happens and deal with it in a few more weeks.

But until then, we're really lucky to have received good news, yet again this week. And we'll see just how slow the next two weeks go before we see our next scan.

Here's a few pics. So cool.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lucky Three

Just a quick update...  Right on schedule we heard from Dr. Shivani's office that the scan was done and that three gestational sacs were identified. So awesome. Super early of course but the fact that we have three chances for things to work out is really great.

Next week we'll have even more good news hopefully. Until then, here's the picture.

I always like to see the pictures!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Super. High.

So I decided to take a look back at old blog entries over the past two years. Have two years already passed by since we started this whole process?

I was specifically seeking out the results of our first Beta HCG report. So it was June two years ago and the first blood test that they did was 23 mIU. We thought that was great at the time as it was more than 0! Unfortunately, that didn't work out. But...

We just got our blood test back from the transfer that took place on March 27 (transferred four embryos at Blastocyst) and it is... 831.25 mIU! Ummm. That's super high. Super. High.

We know that we have to keep guarded on this one and that we've been through this all before. BUT we have been through this with an initial blood test of 23 and this is 831. I'm hoping that this means that we have had really good luck this go around.

And now we wait. Next week will be the first scan to see what exactly is going on. The next scan (assuming all is good) would happen the week after.

Great news in what has been a tough week. We're headed in the right direction.

Thanks for everyone's encouraging comments. They no doubt helped make this a great start with the new clinic, donor and surrogate!