Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's Next?

We know it's super late to say it, but Happy New Year.

What a crazy month or two. We went to Mexico for three weeks and had a great time with family and friends. Unfortunately, two days before Christmas, we got the news that the blood tests came back negative for a pregnancy and that we were now out of embryos.

For about 24 hours, we were upset, angry and not sure what to do next. And then we realized that being upset and angry would not help the situation at all so we decided to get through the holidays, get through our move to San Francisco, and figure out next steps.

So we're now in SF, moved in and trying to figure out some sort of routine and get settled in. We absolutely want to keep trying but there are a few hurdles out there right now that we'll have to deal with.

One of them is that we now need to find a new donor... and that's the major one. How do we find somebody as great as our last one? We have a friend of C's that is likely going to do it, but need to sort out the details.

The other hurdle is dealing with our agency. They have absolutely dropped the ball on everything that they were supposed to do. We've been working directly with Kiran Clinic to get information and determine next steps. Not sure we are totally happy with the arrangement at hand. This is something we need to deal with quickly.

We hope everyone is doing well. That those of you still trying will have success very soon. And that those of you who were lucky enough to start your new family are enjoying every minute of it.