Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meet Sebastian and Sienna

Yes. November 21, 2012 is the day that we've been waiting so long to have.

Sienna Ann and Sebastian Luke were born yesterday afternoon. We'll share more details over the next few days but wanted to let everyone know that both the twins and our amazing surrogate are doing great.

Here are a few quick pics from yesterday (about 20 mins after they were born)!

This is the best Thanksgiving that we could ever have hoped for.



Friday, November 16, 2012

36 Week Scan: Live From Delhi

We made it.

After a long few weeks full of work, packing and questioning whether or not we have everything we need, we landed in Delhi. The trip over was pretty uneventful, apart from some "interesting" formalities that we had to go through to leave the airport (I'll post about those once we are back home). We arrived at the hotel around 3am and you'd think that we would have been exhausted. Instead of exhaustion, we found ourselves wide awake. We tried to sleep for a few hours but ended up drifting in and out of dreamland before we had to get up and head to the ultrasound appointment with our awesome surrogate.

We walked into Dr. Jolly's office and met two guys from Australia who were doing the same thing -- waiting for their surrogate to arrive to see how big her belly has gotten, as well as stare at the screen as their baby comes to life through the power of video. We were in the waiting room when we peeked out the door to see our surrogate waiting outside of the exam room. She looked great. There is something about her that is truly magical. She's a very shy woman and when we went into the exam room and said hello to her, it was her smile that stole the day. You could tell what a happy person she is and as we tried to have a broken conversation via a translator, her positive vibes made us both feel at ease.

The ultrasound was incredible. We got a few good videos and some great 4D pics of one twin, like the one below. The other was hiding his/her face and at one point actually turned his/her head as if he/she was looking at a camera, only to turn it away a second later, so we couldn't get a good shot.

Everything is looking good overall. The report came back today and they are happy with it. Both twins are measuring a bit smaller than the norm, but I guess that's pretty common with twins. Here are the latest stats (we are 36 weeks 2 days by our calculations):

Twin 1 -- 34 weeks 2 days
BPD- 85mm 34 weeks 4 days
HC- 312mm 35 weeks 0 days
AC- 292mm 33 weeks 2 days
FL- 66 mm 34weeks 1days
EFW- 2281grms (5.02 lbs.). Cephalic presentation.

Twin 2 --35 weeks 4 days
BPD- 88mm 35 weeks 5 days
HC- 327mm 37 weeks 1 days
AC- 305mm 34 weeks 3 days
FL- 68 mm 35 weeks 0 days
EFW- 2572grms (5.67 lbs.). Breech presentation.

We should know more on Monday but the latest estimate is that they would do a c-section on Nov 26 or 27 if everything continues to go well. That means we have just over a week to hang out and wait in Delhi. Any day trip suggestions?

Off to bed now. This time, I'm going to sleep.