Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Checking In

Hey everyone... So we know we've been M.I.A for a few months now and thought we'd give a quick update.

The move went well and we are all settled in at our new place in San Francisco. It's great to be out west.

We've been back and forth on next steps and how best to approach everything in India. We considered adoption, we considered using a close friend as a donor, but neither seemed to stick. So we are in the process of sorting out how best to give India another shot. We think we have a solution and should know very soon if we'll be moving forward.

We'll keep everyone posted.



  1. I hope everything works out well for you two. If you are interested I do know an egg donor from America, who is willing to travel to India, as she has done so previously, and the intended parent's had good results.

  2. glad you're back and settled in ready to go forward. don't give up, you're closer than you think

  3. Hi EandC,

    I just heard from another couple that PH is having all types of problems and I'm so sorry you got stuck in the middle. While we were in India we met someone who worked directly with the Kiran clinic after having trouble with Surrogacy Abroad and was picking up his baby. Whatever direction you decide on, I hope you have your family soon. You guys have been through the wringer and deserve a break.