Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Week

With just a few minutes until I board my flight back to the US for a week full of meetings, I thought I'd post a quick blog to say that this is the week I'm going to tell my boss the big news. I'm pretty relaxed about it and love the fact that this isn't stressing me out. We'll see how that goes after my meeting tomorrow morning!

Everything is going well with our surrogate and the twins. Following the last scan we had a cardiac specialist do an ultrasound to look at the twins' hearts. I was nervous about the small echogenic intracardiac focus that they saw on one of the twins, but continue to be told it's nothing to worry about. The cardiologist did a very in-depth study and sent through pictures and videos of both of their little hearts, pumping away. And found them to be in perfect condition.

Ok, I'm paranoid. But everyone who has gone through this or is going through this, knows why. You just never know what kind of news will come next. In our case, it has been all very positive news so far.

Last week, we actually gave in and bought some awesome clothes for the twins. They are super cute and we were super awkward actually buying clothes. We had fun with the family doing it though and that's what really matters. My mom simultaneously has bought a few things for the twins so it's getting more and more real by the second.

I think this is really happening. Oh, and did I say that my sister told us she is prego and just five weeks behind us?!?!  So crazy. Especially since it's just the two of us. Our parents are going from zero grandkids to three in a matter of weeks. Nothing like us going all out on this one.


  1. Everything is sounding good! I hope it goes well telling your boss the news! Best wishes!

  2. Good luck with telling the boss! Let us know how it goes :) Very cute about buying baby clothes xx

  3. Fab that all is well with your twins, happy travels!

  4. Great to hear all is well with the twins. Our twins are less than 2 weeks behind yours and were up to the same stages as you. Starting to tell work and buying the first bits and piece needed. It's still nerve racking with every report and scan that comes through but stating to get exciting too. Hope we can meet up in Delhi. Do you have a due date?

    1. All went well with the boss! Everyone at work was really cool. We'll definitely have to hook up in Delhi. Not a for sure date yet but thinking around the 20 of November or so.