Tuesday, October 30, 2012

34 Weeks + Art

So we're at 34 weeks tomorrow and I can't believe it. Really, this is kind of unreal. I'm officially in the "freaking out" stage. I think the roller coaster of emotions goes somewhat like this:

Anxious (to get things started) ----> Excited (that things have gotten underway) -----> Nervous (that you have to wait for news on the transfer) ----> Over the moon (that it worked) ----> Nervous (that you have to wait again to see if it really worked) -----> Over the moon (that there are heartbeats) ------> Patient (as you wait for the next scan) ---------> Reluctant (to get too excited because there is a long road ahead) ------> Excited (that all is going well) BUT --------> Hesitant (to do anything because so many things can go wrong) -------> Reluctantly excited (as scans come back positive) ------> Denial (that this could really be happening and that it will all be OK) ----------> Continued Denial (that this is all OK... and that you should be excited) ---------> Desperate (for more information, thinking that there is no way you can get enough information to calm your nerves) -------> Reluctantly happy (that you are actually shopping for stuff and telling people about the good news... but will everything actually be OK?) ---------------> Overwhelmed (with the amount of stuff that you have to do before the new arrivals make their debut) --------------> Freaking Out (that this is just two weeks away).

Such a roller coaster, but in just a few more weeks, it will all be worth it. We leave for India in two weeks. Even writing that makes me nervous. Though I guess that's normal for anyone who is about to welcome twins into their world.

We've gotten one bag packed (full of diapers so wasn't too tough). And the rest of the packing of the baby bags is happening this weekend. We'll be as ready as we can be, just in case they decide to make an early debut. I'll share our full list once we finish up packing.

In other news, our DNA kits have arrived at the Embassy and are awaiting our arrival. So all smooth on that front.

Check out this painting that C drew and painted for the nursery. It's amazing. So perfect for the elephant/giraffe theme of the room! This is where having somebody who can draw, paint and take pictures comes in handy. I told him he should start to do it as a business along with his photography! Right?


  1. Excellent job guys... you are spot on with the roller coaster of emotions. I'm moving from the overwhelmed to the freaking out stage! We are a few weeks behind you. Can't wait for your packing list!

  2. Oh - just reading through that roller coaster made me queasy. We're in the Overwhelmed stage - and that's enough for me, thank you.

    That is the cutest giraffe - very talented!

  3. Ahh bless what a cute picture, yes your mate c has a talent! I'm between patient and reluctant mixed in with excitement, wow you guys are so close, soo exciting!

  4. Hard to believe you have finally reached 34 weeks!! You have been through alot, alot!! Try to sit back and enjoy your time now and look forward to the future!! Love the art work - so pretty!!

  5. Wow you summed up the emotions pretty well - we are currently in the hesitant stage. So happy that you are nearing the end of the waiting game and are about to embark on the fun and exciting part of the journey. I love the art work it is amazing!!!! Safe travels!

  6. Such a cute pic! Love it and I know your babies will too...you are so close now....woo hoo! 34 weeks!! Congrats!

  7. We are just a couple weeks behind you. When are you flying out? We will be in delhi on the 16th.