Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 weeks, 3 days?

Two months down. Seven more to go.

I think.

Just when I'm getting the hang of all of this and think that I understand the science and the process, some little factoid pops up that sends me back to Google trying to make sense of it all. I'm now confused.

Today we got an update from the doc and apparently all is good. He included the latest ultrasound (which looks like a big black and white blur to me) and a few stats:

1>there is a twin gestation.

2>the crown rump length of both twins is 0.41 cms corresponds to 6 w+6 days.

3>heart beat is present in both twins.

4>heart rate is between 150 to 170 bpm.

He said all is good and we just wait now for the next ultrasound (in 10-ish days) to see how much they grow.

So here's where I'm confused, and maybe somebody has the answer for me... The CRL corresponds to 6 weeks +6 days. The problem is that the implantation of the embryos took place on June 19. That was 8 weeks +3 days ago. That to me means that the twins are 1 week and a few days behind of where they should be right now. Right?

I called the doctor and spoke with him and he said that everything is fine and that we just wait for the report from the next ultrasound.

So confused...

But at least we don't have any bad news. So that's a very good thing.

Now we just wait.

I'm starting to think about when and how to tell work (assuming things continue to be positive) and am trying to make sense of how "maternity leave" is going to work for me given the situation. I'm hoping they will work something out with me since this isn't the most "traditional" way of going about it all :)

Keeping our fingers crossed. Still.


  1. #Edward

    Hi fellas. Congrats on all progressing well. Almost everything we’ve encountered on our path has led to more questions than answers.

    Nonetheless, I understand that the ‘gestational age’ – as distinct from the ‘conception age’, is at this stage, a simple formula of the CRL measurement + 6.5 weeks. That jives with the dates your doctor gave you. It is very common to be plus or minus days on this measurement. However, if your transfer was in June, you would typically add 2 weeks to your transfer date. So, you should be at 10 weeks+ of your pregnancy (in other words, nearing the end of your important first trimester in a few weeks).

    I’d ask your doctor to clarify the dates that the actual transfer occurred, because if the transfer was 8+ weeks ago, the CRL does seem small.

    HOWEVER, on the other hand, if your doctor is saying don’t worry…don’t worry! Let him guide you through the process but ask lots of questions. The strong heartbeats are a very good indicator in any event.

    Regarding work, keep in mind that in the U.S., FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) protects your job for 12 weeks. There are some exclusions for smaller companies or if you are an officer of your company, but if you are concerned, you may want to understand your rights (as well as any written policies for your employer) before you share.

    Best of luck and keep us posted.



    Thank for the info and reassurance. I think you’re right. We need to relax, be happy that all is good for now, and await the next scan. And thanks for the FMLA info, too. I’m going to do some digging and see what I can find out.


    Hi Guys,

    We had some confusion about our exact dates as well early on in the pregnancy. I would recommend double checking with the doctor and asking for clarification. The fact that both twins show a good heartbeat is the most important thing but you have some good questions that deserve more detailed answers.

    Communication can be very frustrating. Sometimes I find it helps to reword the question if I don’t get the answer the way I expect. For example, you could ask what the expected due date is or if the doctor could please give you both the gestational age and the conception age. We also find it helps to keep the questions simple and short and not to ask yes/no questions.

    I’m so glad everything looks like it is progressing well for the twins though.


    Thanks, Amber. It’s so great to be able to get your perspective and first-hand account of the whole situation. Really, it’s a life saver. I went back with a ton of questions about the difference in dates and while I didn’t get a straight answer, I was told that everything was fine and to hang tight for the next scan…and that I should quit relying on Google and know that Dr. Kiran is the Google of IVF :) Funny, and probably true.

  2. #Jon

    Guys, no worries you got very strong heartbeats there so it sounds like you’re doing just fine. I wouldn’t get too stressed out over things at this stage simply because of the fact there is nothing you can do about it anyways! Nor the surrogate, nor the doctors. Nature will take its course and not ask anyone for input. If the docs tell you things are good, then just accept that. Culturally speaking, Indian people are very superstitious and do not dwell on negatives or potential negatives like we Westerners do so ONLY if there were any reason for concern would they alarm you and discuss any concerns they have. They feel it’s bad luck and asking for trouble to discuss negative stuff when there is no reason to do so. Deep breaths and cross your fingers all goes smoothly and that you hit the 12 week point without any issues. After that it’s smooth sailing for over 95%+ of pregnancies…


    You know, that’s great perspective. It really is out of our hands and up to nature. Regardless of the scan, regardless of the measurement. We need to remember that. And remember that Google isn’t going to make the decision as to whether or not all will continue to be OK.

    We’ll go into the weekend relaxed and just wait. Suppose that’s all we can do :)


    In the meantime, enjoy those small pleasures and commodities that will become very scarce once they do arrive: alcohol, sleep, travel, idleness… 8-) Can’t emphasize this enough…
    When we were in our second trimester, we planned a long trip to Asia including stops in Japan, China and Bali amongst other places and are glad we did. I doubt we’ll be able to see that side of the world – as leisure tourists – for at least 9-10 years now that we have twins to consider…


    Guys, read the comments and my solar plexus starts churning with you. I can reflect back to February 2009 when we were where you are now. Hang in there and be happy as there is no other way to navigate where you are right now. If all continues to go well through 12 weeks…all will continue to favor. Believe in the best and enjoy the time you have now. Work hard, play hard and drink plenty of whatever pleases you….I have a feeling your days are numbered. Sending good thoughts to you both and patience !!!