Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here we go...

Having had to travel around the world in 10 days, time has flown by. Now sitting on a plane again (the theme of my life), I thought I’d give a quick update. We got an email saying that the planned date for the transfer would be this Thursday. Tomorrow!

Now that we know what to expect, tomorrow is exciting, but we know that two weeks after that is the first milestone. Then two weeks after that for an ultrasound, then two weeks after that for another. Then two weeks…then two weeks…then two weeks. Annoying, huh?

I have a feeling that between the house in Mexico getting close to being done and the crazy busy holiday season, time is going to fly by. Maybe our New Years celebration with our friends in the new place in Mexico will actually be both a celebration of the new year to come and a celebration of the first trimester ending. I know, don’t jinx it. But, that would be cool.

C is pretty relaxed this go around and I guess for the most part, so am I. What’s been really great is to see that this journey has delivered such an amazing outcome to so many of the couples we’ve been following in the blogosphere. From the couple who just last week welcomed all three (!?) of their new babies, to the couple who after years of trying are just weeks away from their little one making his or her way into the world.

So here we go. The ride starts again tomorrow. Hang on.

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  1. #Amber

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts. Hoping this will be your time!


    Good luck men. Fingers crossed on 3rd Street.


    Hope to read good news from you soon!