Monday, September 13, 2010

We're Back!

Before I write anything else, both C and I want to thank everyone for their amazing support and words of encouragement. You rock. Seriously, it made digesting this info so much easier and gave us perspective that we would not have been able to get anywhere else. Our apologies for not saying it sooner as we took a few weeks off from baby-land, but are back in action.

So it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Not in an overly dramatic kind of way, but more so in the way we tried to make sense of this all. The first few days after we got the news, we were both bummed, upset and not thrilled to start over. We went through the conversation of whether this was a sign, why this wasn't easy to do... all that stuff. Then, being the Gemini that I am, I walked in the door after work that Monday night and said, "You know what? I'm OK with all of this." And C said "Ya, me too. Obviously something wasn't totally right and I'd rather know that now than later."


It's funny how Mother Nature has her way of working. I can't say I always understand why we need to deal with things like wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes... or the difficulties of pregnancy, but I suppose there is a method to her madness. There are so many potentially awful situations that could have happened if both of the twins weren't healthy this early in the game, and knowing that, I'm totally OK with the situation.

So that said, we went out with friends, had a few nice dinners, and picked ourselves right back up to saddle this horse.

We're totally back and we're ready to do this again. So here's the latest...

Our surrogate is getting ready for the transfer. We have a good amount of embryos frozen so we're cool there (and the Dr. confirmed that what happened with the twins was a fluke). And the transfer is scheduled for September 26-28.

We should know more as we get closer. But here we go again.

Two weeks and counting.

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  1. #JeffandkevinDC

    Hey welcome back guys! Two weeks are gonna fly.


    Thanks! Ya for sure. One already has…


    Great to see you back. You’ll be pregnant again in no time. Baby dust to you and loads of it.


    Thanks, Meg! I can feel the baby dust coming.


    Hello guys. Good luck and baby dust to you!
    And welcome back to waiting. Soon, you’ll have great luck and before you know it, in turns into OMG I’m not done waiting….I’m HERE TO TELL YA!!!
    Best wishes.


    LOL. Thanks for that one!


    Sending you the BIGGEST batch of baby dust.


    Welcome back. I know it’s not easy but you are doing the right thing by taking a little time off and regrouping before you proceed again. The fact that you guys are back so soon shows how much you want this and so you will get it. Persistence and perseverance pay off in this game. Just stay focused and positive, that is really all you (all of us) can do.. These ups and downs are unavoidable in this process; in fact, they are probably just “warm-up” for when your baby(ies) arrive. No one says it gets any easier once they are here. The emotional roller coaster will continue for the rest of your lives once they arrive. Wishing you the best of luck.


    So well said. Thanks for that perspective. I’m gonna go have a martini now.


    Wishing you tons of baby dust and praying that this is your time. It sounds like you have a lot of good quality frozen eggs which is a huge positive.



    Thanks so much. We have 3 grade 1, 4 grade 2 and 3 grade 3 left. Sooo… fingers crossed.