Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thailand -----> India

It's a beautiful day in Puerto Vallarta. The temp is perfect and the breeze coming off the ocean is refreshing. I had to pop down here for two days to take care of some business stuff (see pic below) while C stayed home to hold down the fort and go to school.

Last week, before I left, we got the news that our donor's visa had been approved, she had started her meds and that she would be arriving in India on Sunday or Monday. Much to our surprise (and without our needing to hassle him for more info), we received an email from the doc on Monday that said our donor had arrived in India OK and that following her first visit to the office they confirmed that they could see 16 follicles that are 8mm in size. Scheduled retrieval is this coming Monday!

That's great news and it was very refreshing to get an update with details without having to hassle them for info. I think a new way of working has been established with the team in India and that's a huge positive.

I'm headed back to San Francisco today to get ready for a new job on Monday. Between that and our new donor, I think we may be in store for a very good 2011.


  1. Sixteen is great!
    Slightly jealous of your beach time - but I bet not as much as C if he's stuck in school!

  2. i think you will be in store for a very very good 2011. new home, new job, new donor. sounds great.