Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter "Eggs"

I just realized how much of a habit it is to respond to somebody on the phone with a nicety when they wish you well, wish you a good weekend, etc. For example:

Caller: Have a good weekend.  Me: You too.
Caller: Hope you have a Happy Easter.  Me: Hope you have a Happy Easter too.

Problem with that gut reaction is that I just got off the phone with the doc in India and he ended the call by saying the latter (...have a Happy Easter...) and I quickly responded "Hope you have a Happy Easter too.... err... ughhh.. just kidding...guess you probably aren't celebrating Easter." Duhhhh. Too funny. Ooops.

Speaking of Easter, how much more appropriate could it be that my conversation with India was about today's "egg retrieval" from our donor?!

The good news is that they retrieved 21....yes 21!!!! eggs. 18 of them were mature. We'll know how many viable embryos we have come Monday but probably between about 15-18! That's amazing. And 21 is a lucky number, right? We're very excited. The transfer will take place on Monday and the two-week waiting game will begin.

Our donor is doing OK. She took much, much longer to come out of the anaesthesia than is normal so it was a stressful afternoon for the doctor. She is resting now and all is good... and she heads back to her family in Thailand tomorrow. We're so thankful that she did this, and that all turned out well.

Hope everyone has a good Easter (if that's what you celebrate). And thanks to the Easter Bunny for bringing us the best eggs possible this weekend!


  1. Great results! Sending baby dust to your surro in India!!!

  2. What a wonderful Easter story! Congratulations on the excellent ER results. We hope you get lots of viable embryos!!!

  3. Wishing you tons of baby dust! This one has to be the right time!

  4. TWW is ON!! Best of luck, fingers crossed!