Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry it's taken a few days to update everyone on things. Unfortunately, we got a note from the Kiran Clinic a few days ago that said they did the follow up blood test and our surrogate is not pregnant. With the initial blood test showing low beta hCG numbers, we thought this might be the case.

We know that it's just a matter of luck, but this is attempt number 5. And we'd think that we'd have at least a chance. It makes me wonder what could be happening that isn't. Is there something that they can do that we aren't thinking of? What would the difference be of doing it here in the U.S.? Would there be any difference in the luck that we are having?

Oh well for this time. Hoping Dr. Samit can pull it off for us next time! We now wait three or four weeks for our new surrogate to be ready.


  1. So sorry to hear this. We too went through many transfers and finally found out what was happening and then were able to correct it and get a positive. I really hope you find answers and finally get a solid positive.

  2. There is always next time...
    Hope it all comes together soon.

  3. So sorry for the news. We will be keeping you in our thoughts!

  4. Thanks you guys. Really appreciate the notes. Kerrie, any advice on what I should be asking? Is there something specific that I should find out?