Monday, July 4, 2011


One year ago, exactly, I was sitting in sunny Florida, computer on, writing a very similar blog post. It's insane to think that one year has passed since we got news that our first surrogate was pregnant. Unfortunately, that try didn't work out in our favor. But now, a year later, we woke up to an email saying that 12 days after our latest transfer, our surrogate's pregnancy test has come back positive.

This is awesome news, for sure. But you can imagine how skeptical we are. The Beta hCG level came back on the low side at 20.04 mIU. Not great, but that could mean nothing, assuming that the number doubles in the next day or two. They've ordered a new blood test for today so we should know how things are looking within the next day or two.

Fingers crossed that this is our time.

Happy 4th!


  1. Best wishes and fingers crossed. That is a low beta but you are right that you just never know. Keep us posted.

  2. Fingers crossed over here too. Good luck guys!

  3. Best of luck for your next set of tests, we are at try #4 too. So far, so good 10wks in, but we are so scared after so much dissapointment. All the best for good news. SJ & B xx