Friday, March 23, 2012

25. That was a fun year.

After a quick whirl-wind trip to Delhi, I made it back home and jumped into the madness that is work. Really love my job. But need to fit in some sleep and down time at some point!

For the first time in a really long time, I returned from my travels with an upset stomach. Something got to me. I probably shouldn't have drank the water out of the tap in Agra. Not a smart move. About Agra... Seeing the Taj Mahal was incredible. I can truly understand why it is such a wonder. What is also a wonder is the amount of time it takes to drive there. Don't get me wrong, there is a bunch of stuff to see, culture to soak in and everything from cows crossing the road, to monkeys hopping from roof to roof, to chaos at every intersection. Getting there was interesting. Getting home was a true test of patience.

I'm thinking that when we go back in nine months (hopeful thinking!), if somebody wants to see the Taj, I'm going to recommend the train. Surely can't be that much worse than the drive back, especially if you get carsick.

Back to baby stuff now... Today was the egg retrieval day. All went well and they were able to harvest an incredible 25 eggs. Will know more about the quality and how many are viable after Sunday. But 25 is a great start. We couldn't have asked for better news!

Now the fun starts. Learn more about the status of the embryos on Sunday/Monday. Wait a few days for the transfer to take place. Wait two weeks for a blood test. Wait a few more days after that for another one, hopefully. Then wait two weeks for the first scan.

I feel like we've been through this before. Oh, wait....


  1. Great start to your FINAL cycle before being parents!!! Best wishes....we'll be watching for updates!

  2. Best wishes on this cycle - please let this be your time!! Cant wait to follow along for the next nine months.... Best wishes, K

  3. 25 is an AMAZING number!!! I give you kudos for traveling while being that full of eggs waiting to be harvested! I can't imagine that trek as far along as you were. Totally agree with you about the drive to and from the Taj. It was not a fun drive - and yes, I do battle car sickness too, which didn't help. I want to say that our "day trip" was 13 hours long when it was all said and done.

  4. Wow awesome numbers!!!!! Wishing you all the very best and I loved the Taj Mahal too and agree the trip back by car is very long and the traffic is hideous coming back in the afternoon!!! Hoping for a bfp or two ;)

  5. Great numbers!! Praying for a positive!

  6. Great numbers! Best wishes.

    Delhi and Agra are beautiful. We had a driver when went to Agra, but I don't remember any issues. I think I slept - maybe a little car sickness. Normal for me.

    Trains can be hit or miss IME. I usually don't care for all the hustle and bustle of the train stations unless we are going on a really long trip.

  7. Somehow I missed this post. Hoping things are coming along nicely with your embies and that many fertilized!! And totally agree about the drive to and from Agra. Someone was not telling the truth when they said it took three hours...while it was an amazing experience at the Taj, I was having issues on the way home. Look forward to hearing some good news soon. Everything crossed that this will be your time!