Friday, March 9, 2012

From London to Delhi

We're both really excited to say that we are off and running... again.

Last night, I fell asleep just after taking off from London and woke up this morning as we were descending into New Delhi. Between our recent move and work being super busy, we haven't had the time to really think about whether this time was going to be our time or not. Stepping onto the plane last night though, I felt really positive.

Landing in India, reality set in and it took me back nearly two years when we started this whole process for the first time. I was really nervous then. Not sure what I was walking into. This time though, I felt at ease. The ride to my hotel was pensive. I dazed out the window at the passers by and random cows on the side of the road. I was soaking in the vast differences between India and London and for some reason, thinking about how calm Delhi feels to me in comparison to Mumbai or even Hyderabad. Yes, it's chaotic. Yes, it's even shocking what you see at times. But not to the extent that it was in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

So I spent the afternoon catching up on work and hanging out by the pool for an hour or so. I grabbed a snack and then headed to meet our new doctor. I waited in a waiting room with about six other people in it. There is no doubt that she is busy and has a successful practice. But once she came out to introduce herself, the six other people in the room seemed to disappear as she was fully interested in getting to know me, hearing about things at home and our experience thus far.

I was given a tour, shown the very detailed medical records that they keep, explained the process of finding and then qualifying a surrogate and donor and then introduced to the many people that she has working for her. We sat down, went through the various surrogates and picked the wonderful woman that will give it a try for us in just a matter of weeks.

We're really excited and hoping that by mid-April, we have good news to share...

More to come from Delhi.

We're back in action.


  1. Congratulations on finding your new path!
    Best wishes.

  2. Enjoy Delhi!!Wishing you lots of success in your journey and looking forward to hearing positive news....

  3. Fingers crossed for the next stage of your journey

  4. May this time be THE time! Enjoy Delhi and hope to be reading a BFP post very soon!

  5. Best of Luck!!
    Keep us updated with news from Delhi :)
    SJ & B xx

  6. Yay!!! Congrats on finding a place you feel comfortable for the next round. I am hopeful that this will be your time! Best wishes!

  7. I'm so glad to read your continuing and wish you tons of baby dust. I'm sorry there have been so many hurdles but know you will have good news soon.

  8. I agree with all of the above...especially with Edward -- PERSISTENCE = SUCCESS. We are 31 weeks pregnant and had nearly a dozen tries. It will work...hoping and praying it's this time for you. GOOD LUCK.