Sunday, May 27, 2012

Surprise Scan

The weather is finally great here so we decided to head to the beach for the day. On the train ride back, we got an email with our latest scan results. Everything is on track and both twins are measuring about 12 weeks, 3 days. We are technically at about 11 weeks and 3 days so they are definitely growing ahead of schedule!

So we thought we were going to get the scan later this week, but Dr. Jolly apparently had an appointment this weekend and was able to do it early. This was our 12 week scan, which included the NT test. Everything looks great, according to the OB. Here is what it said:

- Active and passive movements were seen.
- Liquor was adequate (don't know what this means)
- Placenta along anterior and posterior wall, low lying, not previa, grade 0 (don't know what the last part means)

- Twin 1: BPD 16mm, HC 61mm, Nuchal lucency 0.8mm, nasal bone seen, ductus venosus shows normal flow (don't know what this means), no obvious gross congenital anomaly.

- Twin 2: BPD 16mm, HC 64mm, CRL 47mm, Nuchal lucency 0.9mm, nasal bone seen, ductus venosus shows normal flow (don't know what this means), no obvious gross congenital anomaly.

So we're right at about 12 weeks. We are excited, but cautious still. About a week or two and we'll be done with the first trimester. I suppose in another month or so we'll have to shift from being cautious to actually planning.

Is this for real?

Looking at the image on the top right, I'm starting to feel like it might be.


  1. Wow how cool are those pictures! Congratulations :) I've just caught up on ur blog wishing you guys the very best and a boring pregnancy to follow :) x

  2. I pray this is it. lets not think otherwise. your babies will be fine. stay positive and may God protect your little ones.

  3. Oh fantastic, these scans are crystal clear and so well defined !! Good to be heading into the 2nd Trimester : )

  4. they are certainly very clear scans! beautiful! we also hads scans emailled early this weekend which was a very pleasant surprise. 28 weeks - cannot believe it!! xx

  5. What wonderful scans....your little bundles are growing fast!

  6. Fantastic scan images - congratulations. Glad that the second trimester is getting comfortably close.

  7. Excellent news! Exciting for you to nearly bring the first trimester to a close.