Thursday, June 7, 2012

Patience is Overrated

So I've written a blog post with this title before. It's so true though. Patience is overrated.

For some reason C and I were thinking that we would have another scan this week as this weekend will be two weeks since the last one. I was wrong. At this stage, the scan happens every FOUR weeks, not two. How are we supposed to wait four weeks? That's an entire month.

I guess the good news is that everything is OK and there is no need for a scan every two weeks. But I got so used to seeing the updates, new pictures, little alien, peanut-looking things turning into what now actually looks like a little human. Oh well. Guess we have to wait.

Now that we are at 13 weeks, we're starting our second trimester, or ending our first, depends on what you read. Think maybe we'll start to think about planning now. Maybe even look at baby stuff. And we might even buy a book or something (any suggestions???) to start to learn more about what's about to happen come Nov/Dec.

On another note, could you please ask summer to return to London? I prefer sun and warm to rain an cold. Thank you.

I guess I'm not patient with the weather, either. Do you see a theme?

Congrats to our fellow bloggers Jeff and Kevin in DC who just had an amazing (and 10 lb!) little baby boy. It's so cool to watch other people who have been on this journey reach the point where all the waiting, all the emotions and all the dedication pays off.


  1. Patience is my worst quality...but if I can make through it all you can, too. And to be honest, once you have the little one that's destined to be your baby you forget about everything you had to do to get there. It's been said many times to me before...and now we are proving it to be true. Hang in there...the next scan is just around the corner!

  2. Haha what a funny post! Yes I am already concerned at 4 1/2 weeks how we will cope with monthly scan results! I guess you just have to try and spread out the natural high from the previous scan for the full 4 weeks?! This is my plan looking forwards..good luck with the wait! No news is good news though! I agree with London weather! It's blimmin' cold now brrrr....nice to know there's someone else stressing over scans sent from another continent who's at least in the same city as me :D

  3. I want to recommend a book called *Happiest Baby on the Block*

    Followed by the Happiest Toddler.

    Brilliant books.

  4. I have no idea. I would be awful at this part. Definitely look at planning things. Maybe make a mock plan? I'm glad bub is doing so well.

  5. Glad your scans are going well, I found it tough in the beginning to change to monthly scans it's like an addiction....the more I got the more I wanted!

  6. As the weeks and months pass - the waiting doesn't get any easier I'm afraid....I got into reading books about - what to expect with your newborn - this put me into such a tailspin that I just had to go out and start my baby shopping....

  7. It does appear that we're on the same cycle. Hoping all goes well for both of us and we see each other in Delhi at baby pick-up. The book I would suggest is "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg. I was very helpful to us with Aedan when she was a newborn.