Thursday, June 17, 2010



No, not my age (I'm 23 now, not 20). Ha.

And no, not C's age either (smart asses).

20 is the number of eggs that they retrieved from Donor yesterday! I had asked to get a phone call letting me know when the procedure was complete and how it went. Of course, no call and after drifting in and out of worrisome sleep all night, I called Samit's cell myself for an update.

Everything went well, he said. They were able to harvest 20 eggs and he believes they will be able to get at least 15 healthy embryos out of them. Such great news. The transfer will happen on either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. I should get an update after that but won't know for two weeks after the transfer if the blood work comes back showing an increase in ___ levels -- which indicates a potential pregnancy. Then two weeks after that, they'll do an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat.

We are so excited but at the same time, trying to keep it all in perspective. I mean, all has gone smoothly so far, but at the same time, nothing has really happened yet. The important stuff is happening this week. And even then, until we're through the first 12 weeks, we have to be cautiously excited and attempt to control emotions. Easier said than done, of course.

Donor has headed back home and should be arriving any time now. She sounded good when I heard from her and didn't mention any pain or anything. Can't wait to get her full download of her experiences there after I left.

I hope the couple from Virginia had as much success during their visit to India as we did. Would be really great to see them back in Hyderabad in nine months.


It's the lucky number of the day.

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  1. #Jon

    Hey guys. Stumbled on your site. Good luck!


    Thanks, Jon! And thanks for checking out the blog!


    Eeeeee!!!! I finally got a chance to catch up on the site today myself and couldn’t help but read it all in one go (productivity, what?). I’m on pins and needles now – it’s already Friday afternoon and now I can’t wait for the next update. Or was that India time, and it’s now almost Sat morning? Man this process is really moving along now.

    So excited for you guys!