Sunday, June 20, 2010

What time zone am I in?

So it's Sunday afternoon now and it's been an insane few days travel and work-wise. So insane, that I forgot exactly which day it was and couldn't figure out why C kept asking me if I heard from the doctor (more than usual). It was Friday, you see. The day we were supposed to know about the embryo transfer.

Holy shit. How could I not realize it was Friday and why wasn't I on pins and needles waiting for a call. Here's why:

I was in India all week last week. Got home on Sunday morning and then Monday went to New York. Tuesday afternoon, I flew back home. Got stuck in traffic for nearly two hours, unpacked, repacked and Wednesday left for Paris. Got to Paris Thursday and went straight into the office. Changed and went to a work dinner...crashed for 4 hours (waking up every hour, on the hour). Had a major presentation that was part of an all-day meeting on Friday. Did that, bolted out of there for the airport so that I could get to Italy. Flew to Italy to see friends for Saturday and now it's Sunday and I'm back in France for the week for work.

That's how I didn't realize it was Friday. I thought it was Thursday.

With that all out of the way, here's the latest...

I got a note from Dr. Samit on Friday that said out of the 20 eggs retrieved, they were able to make 14 embryos of grade 1 or 2 quality. That apparently means good quality embryos. He said that they were going to implant four embryos into the surrogate. Why four? He said that by doing four, it left the best chance of one taking and the least chance of ending up with triplets.

Think of it this way: One baby...decent chance; Two babies....less of a chance; Three babies...even less of a chance; Four winning the lottery (meaning nearly no chance...not dreaming of it happening).

The implant apparently happened yesterday afternoon with the four embryos. I say apparently because I haven't heard anything further on it. But the last email we exchanged said it was happening "in about an hour," so I suppose since I haven't heard anything further, it all went smoothly and now we wait.

Waiting sucks. I'm not patient. And in this case, neither is C. I want to skip ahead three months. Then we'll be more comfortable (aka freaking out). Then we can start planning (aka freaking out). And then we don't have to sit on pins and needles (aka freaking out).

If we're unusually quiet on the blog, it's because we now wait for July 3 or 4 or 5 to hear how the blood work looks. If it looks like some certain something levels are increasing (I know, very technical), then we say yippppeeeee and we wait for another two weeks (around July 17-18-19) for an ultrasound.

So there it is. The very latest. And I'll do my best not to mix up the days next time.

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  1. #Amber

    Best of luck to you on the tww. I always feel like the time moves eternally slow and I would spend way to much time checking my emails and the surrogacy blogs and forums which didn’t help the time go faster, it just made me obsess more!

    We are really looking forward to reading about a positive soon!


    Thanks. I know, we keep obsessing over the blogs and sites wondering what the next post is going to say. One more week!


    I know its still a little early but I keep checking your blog, hoping to read good news.


    Hang in there. The results day will come sooner than you know it. Hope you guys get a nice result in a few weeks!
    PS – where in the US do you guys live?


    Thanks, Jon. It’s been a crazy busy week which made it that much better. One more to go! We’re in Chicago.


    Very exciting!