Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Time

oday's post won't be nearly as fun as the past few have been. No description of the goat-filled streets and no talk about spicy food and the draining heat. Nope, today you get an update on follicles.

Jet lagged as hell, I crashed around 9:30 last night. The 30-hour journey took its toll on me. I was awoken by my cell phone (which I've now changed back to my bberry by the way) at around 2am and it was Dr. Samit saying "good morning sunshine" No, he didn't really say that.

He called to let us know that Donor's ultrasound looked great. The follicles have grown to 20cm and they are now ready to schedule the retrieval and the implant. Retrieval is scheduled for 9:30 am on Wednesday and the implant will take place on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Yes, this is for real now.

It's time.

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  1. #Amber

    Just read your blog, thank you for sharing such vivid and detailed information. I love it!

    Wishing you tons of baby dust! I have a good feeling that you guys have an excellent chance of getting pregnant the first try!



    Thanks, Amber, for the super kind words. Glad you like the blog. Now we just have to keep up with it! Our fingers are crossed for some good news in the coming weeks.