Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Munching on Hummus in Kuwait

Ok, so I didn't find a free few minutes to go into the details about what we're doing, how we settled upon our donor, surrogate, etc. But I will. Promise.

Right now though, I wanted to drop a note to talk about how much sand there is in Kuwait City. Seriously. We landed in high winds about two hours ago. Those winds have created a dust cloud that darkens the city under a brown-like fog. Guess that's not something that I necessarily expected. So why are we in Kuwait, you ask?

Today is the first day of our journey to India to physically begin the process of IVF and Surrogacy. We've spent months going back and forth, researching, laughing and screaming about our options. But now it's kind of real. The gist is that we settled upon Planet Hospital to coordinate our IVF and Surrogacy process, which will take place at the Kiran Clinic in Hyderabad, India. A friend has been the amazing person who has really made this all possible by agreeing (with very little reservation) to be our egg donor. We couldn't have been more lucky and we owe her the hugest thanks ever.

That said, we woke up yesterday morning and headed to the airport for our flight to India so that she can go through the egg retrieval process and so I can...well... do my thing and leave my piece of the fertility puzzle. We're in Kuwait, heading to Abu Dhabi shortly, connecting to Hyderabad -- where we arrive at 3 a.m.

Is this for real? This day came really fast. But "thanks god" it has worked out so amazingly so far.

More to come.

Back to my hummus.

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  1. #EandC

    Damn that was good hummus. So sleeeppppy now.


    Yeah “thanks God”