Friday, July 2, 2010


It was a rainy day yesterday and the gloom made me sleepy. A big Thai dinner helped put me into a solid sleep... Until 3 a.m. when C decided to roll over and wake me up and ask me to check my email to see if we heard anything from Dr. Samit (since it was now Friday afternoon in India).

Like clockwork, we got an email at 2:22 a.m. that said we have a "good sign" and that the surrogate's beta hcg levels have more than doubled since Wednesday afternoon and are now at 64.32 miu. Yippeeee. That's the news we were waiting for. After laying in bed with my mind racing, we both eventually fell back asleep. Until the dogs decided they needed to play at 5:45 a.m.

We're excited. And nervous again. Because now that we've gotten good news, we have to wait. How long, you ask? 10 days or so. That's when good 'ol Samit will do an ultrasound to detect a potential heartbeat and gestational sac. Good news for now though, and that's all we can ask for.

It's been an interesting process thus far. We've had the most interesting signs. C having dreams of little baby girls, our favorite TV shows all the sudden focusing on babies or surrogacy (ie. Brothers and Sisters). The night we await a response from the doctor about the latest beta hcg levels, we're woken up every few hours by noise, by dogs, by C. And interestingly, C was frustrated the other night and went out to take a walk and the first thing he saw was a baby's one-piece shirt thingy laying on the ground. He turned around and came back a bit of shock.

I know we can't look into every little thing for a sign of hope, but there have been different things that have happened that you couldn't easily turn a blind eye to.

We're off to have a late-morning margarita shortly. It's the 4th of July weekend after all. And deep down, we have something really great to celebrate.

Happy Fourth of July.

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  1. #Jon

    Hey guys

    That’s really good news! As long as those numbers keep doubling then you are on your way.

    When we were in our 2WW, a few weeks before we found out it was a positive we were in our driveway and looked up into the sky and a shooting star went right over our house and vaporized. We both thought we were in somekind of LOST episode. Hehehe

    But the sign was unmistakeable, a few days later we found out we were having twins. The universe does give us signals, be alert.

    Look for those shooting stars or rainbows!


    So good to hear. So weird… but the universe is like that. Seriously.


    So exciting! Cautiously optomistic of course, but still very happy for you guys right now! How crazy that it only takes that long for a heartbeat (says C)!

    Happy 4th!


    That’s what I thought. It seems so fast. Who knew?!


    Wonderful News! A doubling beta is very promising.


    Thanks, Amber! So excited. And fingers crossed again.


    Hello guys. I found your blog through Amber and Brian’s blog.
    Congratulations on your good news. We’ll keep you in our thoughts for continued good stuff! My partner and I are 22 weeks along this weekend with 2 surrogates in India….and while we’re still always waiting for that next bit of info to come, the waiting does seem to get a little easier as time passes and you get into a rhythm with your doctors/clinic.
    Until your next good news post, celebrate each bit of good news and drink up!!!
    Best wishes as you continue on your journey.



    This is Tom from Virginia (mentioned previously on your blog :) - I also discovered your blog from Amber’s (just met her earlier today – and she’s great). Suzanne and I are thrilled to hear your news – it is so encouraging. I’m glad we could share in your experience and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that each update from dr samit continues to remain positive!


    Just wanted to say that we are thinking of you and hope you get some really good news with your ultrasound report.


    Thanks, Amber! The waiting is killing us!