Thursday, July 15, 2010

Patience is Overrated

As you've probably gathered by now, we're taking the Apple iPhone 4 route to dealing with the waiting part of this whole process. That is, we're pretending nothing is wrong and avoiding really analyzing things day to day.


No seriously though, things have been super busy at work and in general so time is going somewhat fast. But not fast enough. The ultrasound was done yesterday and late, late last night we got an email from the doctor saying that:

"the endometrium is thick and the blood levels are good but the gestational sac has not appeared on usg. sometimes the sac appears late. we will repeat another scan on saturday morning. no reason to panic."

Hmmm. What does this mean? It means (at the very least) that we now have to wait until sometime Saturday to get another update on this. Though we're a bit discouraged since you'd think that they should have been able to see the sac. Right?

It's been one of those days...and not necessarily the news we wanted. But, I guess we have to be patient and see what happens.

But patience, truly, is overrated.

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  1. #Edward

    Hello guys. The first few tests are really the hardest as you sit and wait and try to quickly google each piece of information and make heads or tails of it all. There are all kinds of reasons for not seeing a gestational sac this early – equipment, experience of the sonographer, how the test was administered, no reason at all….

    Our first test showed a sac but no yolk within the sac. I made myself positively crazy and was sure we were doomed. I found at least a dozen self-diagnosed reasons to worry and ignored all the advice that it is just sometimes too early to see stuff.

    Alas, a week later, at the next test, all was on track ….and then came another thing that I didn’t fully understand.

    It’s much easier to write than to practice, but try and take it day by day and remember that you are pregnant. Period.

    Best wishes!


    I’m so sorry the news wasn’t conclusive. The waiting really drives me crazy at times. If it is any consolation, I’ve found Dr. Samit was upfront and frank about our ectopic pregnancy so hopefully that means that you still have an excellent shot of everything working out.


    Sorry to hear that it’s not quite the news you were hoping for guys, but keep up your spirits! I hope you heard back from the doctor over the weekend like you thought you would, and that he had a little more positive news? Even if you’re still in limbo, I’m w/ Edward in that it’s got to be a fairly imprecise science (we just saw some show on TV this wknd w/ an ultrasound and I said it then too – how on earth does anyone actually see ANYTHING on those things, much less very specific things like what you’re looking for??). So I have a good feeling that it’s still going to turn out fine… we’re sending our good thoughts your way (and to India! :) )