Monday, July 19, 2010

No Jumping the Gun

No jumping the gun.

That's what I have to keep telling myself. C and I have become pros at Google-ing the very limited info that we receive and quickly becoming "pros" at surrogacy. Actually, we have no idea what end is up really and it's kind of funny how wrong we are sometimes.

Over the weekend, we received an update from Dr. Samit. It started with "Finally some luck.' And then said that they did the ultrasound on Saturday and they did find a "tiny gestational sac." I'd post pics but they weren't able to send them due to "technical reasons." The gestational sac appeared a few days later than usual but according to the doc, this can happen sometimes.

He also let us know that the surrogate is on complete bed rest and they will do a scan again on Tuesday to check on further growth.

With this information in hand, we quickly resorted to Google where we found out that a small gestational sac could be a problem... that if it doesn't grow and measure properly, the pregnancy will likely not be viable... that showing up late could be an issue... and on and on.

I sent a note to the doc thanking him for the news and asking if it was indeed not as positive as we had hoped for. He quickly responded and said that actually, this is exactly what we hoped for and that the gestational sac is good news.

In our rush to figure out what this all meant and to try and put some sense to it all, we missed the fact that finding a gestational sac on the ultrasound was exactly what we should have been waiting for. Google has changed the world, for the better I think as knowledge can spread like a wildfire now. But it's also caused a bit of information overload. Case at point.

So for now we're in a good place. And we wait to hear more following the next ultrasound.

Thanks to everyone who has given their support and perspective to the situation. It's what makes sense of this entire thing.

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  1. #Edward

    That’s a lesson well worth learning!!!! And we’ve all been to that class. Dr. Google will often lead you directly to the worst case scenario.
    Glad to hear they saw the sac. Best wishes as all things progress!