Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"I am Optimistic"

“I am optimistic.”

Those were the three words that really stood out in Dr. Samit’s latest email update. We didn’t get detailed numbers as to the size or the beta hcg levels or any of that, but we did get a positive email.

The second ultrasound was scheduled for Tuesday and it sounds like it went well. You tell me:

“good news the sac is growing in size. Her blood work is all normal. I am optimistic. We just have to wait. I shall give you a pic as soon as possible.”

All I can think of is: “Are we really just seven months and a few weeks from little baby Hyderabad (no that’s not the name we chose) coming into the world?” Seriously?

I know, many more hurdles and much more waiting. But this is good news for now.

And “I am optimistic” that we’re going to have a celebratory drink or two this weekend with friends in DC.

PS- I really want this first trimester to pass so that we can start to buy cute things, think about baby’s room, and start to act like excited parents-to-be instead of worried humans waiting for medical updates every week :)

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  1. #Jon

    Well, that’s encouraging!

    The first trimester is horrible and the last is even worse. But the reward is worth the wait. Hope you guys hang in there as you sound like you are ready for all of this. Your anxiety is understandable and normal. Have a glass of nice cold chardonnay to take the edge off a bit!


    Wow, Dr. Samit never sent us any emails with the quote “I am optimistic”! I would take it as VERY promising!

    I think you should definately have your celebratory drinks with friends. Anyone going through this journey needs to do that as often as possible!

    We are 20 weeks today and are still cautious about buying clothes and picking colors. I have to say that not knowing the sex of the baby doesn’t help in that area.